#6 Interop with ReceiveFAX


I'm sending twice the same file using Hylafax's sendfax app coupled with iaxmodem 1.2.0 (statically linked with its won Spandsp version).
The first time I'm "dialing" a DID attached to Asterisk's ReceiveFAX application.
The second time I'm dialing an internal extension attached to the same ReceiveFAX application :
1. sendfax/hylafax/iaxmodem ----> asterisk ----> dadhi ----> dahdi ----> asterisk ----> spandsp
2. sendfax/hylafax/iaxmodem ----> asterisk ----> spandsp

In the 1st case, I've got 3 successes out of 3 attempts.
In the 2nd case, I've got 3 craches out of 3 attempts (with a rough estimee, the crash occurs 2 or 4s after ReceiveFAX's start).

To complete description, I should say :
- I'm using a single asterisk instance and machine.
- dahdi to dahdi communication is done by a simple patch cord going from one port to another port of a unique Digium B410P,
- everything (Hylafax, iaxmodem, asterisk) is installed on the same Lenny server.

Before wasting anybody's time and effort within support teams, I would like to double check here if the case that crashes Asterisk is within specifications of iaxmodem. In other words, can you normally use iaxmodem to send faxes to inner extensions or do you have to stick to PSTN numbers ?


  • Lee Howard

    Lee Howard - 2010-01-07

    How, exactly, is this a bug in iaxmodem?

  • Olivier

    Olivier - 2010-01-07

    At the moment, I don't say it's a bug as I don't know yet if faxing from HYLAFAX/iaxmodem to ReceiveFAX is supported at all.
    From iaxmodem's point of view, should it work or not?

  • Lee Howard

    Lee Howard - 2010-01-07

    Since you've reported this in IAXmodem's Bug Tracker it seems that you're saying that this represents a bug in iaxmodem.

    You've said that Asterisk crashes. So it seems to me that there's a bug in Asterisk, or at least in the ReceiveFAX plug-in feature.

    iaxmodem is the modem, that's all. HylaFAX drives the fax protocol.

    But I'm not sure how an Asterisk crash indicates any bug at all in iaxmodem or HylaFAX.

    From iaxmodem's point of view it's not involved with the Asterisk crash at all.


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