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This patch is a response to http://sourceforge.net/projects/ialertu/forums/forum/704516/topic/3378663 which is a request for speech support to be added to iAlertU. I have changed the General preferences window by adding a checkbox to switch the feature on or off, as well as a text box to allow the user to input a string for iAlertU to read. By default, this feature is switched off, as I imagine it will be quite niche.

When the alarm is triggered, a timer is started that runs every 2 seconds. If it is not currently speaking, it will start doing so. If it is speaking, it will do nothing. When the alarm is disabled, the timer is stopped and speech synthesizer is instructed to stop speaking at the end of the current sentence.

This patch has been tested on Mac OS X 10.6.4, using XCode 3.2.3, and all appears to be working fine. Unfortunately, the layout change has only been made in the English version.


  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-11-09

    Thanks for the patch. I have to admit that this is one request that hadn't even made it onto my todo list. Now that you've done the initial work, I'll endeavour to integrate it into the next release.


  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2011-01-19
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  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2011-01-19

    Has been added for release in 0.70

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  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2011-03-14
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