#3 iSight fix - overall SL compatibility


This patch removes 'autorelease' from 'timeCodeOverlay getImageForTime', making it not crash with a EXC_BAD_ACCESS. Autorelease probably made it release memory that will be released later by ICMDecompressionSessionSetNonScheduledDisplayTime in SequenceGrabber.mm:293. That's where it crashed for me after it took a picture.

Please review this as I'm not a C++ developer myself (although I can troubleshoot a little), especially when it comes to memory access I'm not sure whether this leaks or actually is supposed to be this way. It works now!

Oh, and this covers other bug reports like 'sending no e-mail', 'crashes after a couple of seconds', 'system volume not restored after alarm' ...

Another thing - to get it to compile in Xcode 3.2, I had to change value assignments of 'nil' to float variables to 0. It didn't compile with 'nil'. I'm a Java developer and Java doesn't allow null as value for a primitive object, so this didn't seem properly for me anyway. But maybe it's a setting in Xcode why it not compiles with nil as a value for float?


  • Edgar de Graaff

    Edgar de Graaff - 2009-10-27

    Snow Leopard compatibility - iSight fix

  • Edgar de Graaff

    Edgar de Graaff - 2009-11-23

    Committed to SVN

  • Edgar de Graaff

    Edgar de Graaff - 2009-11-23
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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