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Hi. It seems that despite having "Screenshot" unchecked under "Camera" preferences, I still get it in the email. If I uncheck "Use iSight image capture" then I get neither the picture nor the screenshot. Am I missing something? Can I somehow get the picture emailed, but not the screenshot? This is for v0.68 and SL 10.6.4.
Thank you, Yaakov


  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-10-14

    The screenshot button is not a tickbox. If the camera is enabled, then a screenshot will always be taken at the same time. The radio buttons on the camera tab simply allow you to view the photo or the screenshot in the preview area.

    No, you can't disable the screenshot in the way you ask. I'll consider adding this as a feature sometime in the future. As such, I'm moving this to feature requests.


  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-10-14
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I see. Thank you. The reasons why I would like to not email the screenshot are 1) that it significantly increases the upload time (and the internet access could be cutoff in the meantime) 2) that information is either known (and potentially sensitive), or useless (eg. a screensaver). Yaakov

  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-10-20

    0.69 will add the ability to disable the screenshot feature.

  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-10-20
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