#38 Custom "Logo"


Not a bug as such, just it would be nice if we could choose our own picture to use instead of just "protected by iAlertU". I dont mind if a watermark would be needed but it would be nice to have a warning message or something while its locked, rather than your frozen desktop picture.


  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-09-27

    Someone else asked for something like this a long time ago (one of the old tickets from before I took on this project). What sort of thing are you wanting to put on the screen instead of (or in addition to) the "protected by iAlertU" logo?

    I confess that I closed the old ticket out because it was old, and it didn't seem like a very important feature. Can you give me some examples of what you'd be wanting? We'd still be looking at a black background to the image with the current software even if we allowed you to choose another image.

    Any feedback you can give will be helpful. v0.62 is nearing completion (I keep telling myself it's done, then I add another thing). If you can give me something more to work with soon enough, then perhaps I can add this too.


  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-09-27
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