#32 motion alarm enabled but notebook is still usable


Hello, I've just started using your program. As I've seen in the trunks, it looks like that a hotkey for arming the program is already in the works. I was just going to suggest it :) Anyway, I'd also like to suggest that the notebook be usable while the program is armed. Specifically, having an option to only arm the motion sensors. This way, I can still work while the program is running.

Thanks, Xeth


  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-07-06

    I think you'd find that you'd have to have the sensitivity way down to achieve this. Having iAlertU armed, and yet not locking the screen should be easy to do; just not sure of the benefit...

  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-08-26

    This artifact has been marked as a duplicate of artifact 3025664 with reason:
    Another user has suggested this now.

  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2010-08-26
    • status: open --> closed

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