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  • Undertone

    Undertone - 2012-11-15

    I created a different alarm sound (more effective, IMHO) than the provided one but I can't select wav or aiff files @ 44100. MP3 will but it doesn't loop properly. 11046 kHz cuts too much of the high end. What are the parameters of the sound spec for this app? BTW when I work this out, I can give you a free license for use in the iAlertu distribution if you're interested. Thanks!

  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2012-11-15

    Thanks for asking.  It's a while since I added that functionality, but looking at the code, it should allow any files with the following types:

    AIFF, WAVE, NeXT, SD2, AU, MP3

    Now I haven't tested this for ages, but I note that the "case" of these seems case-sensitive to me (which seems odd) so if you've been trying "aiff" or "wav", try "AIFF" or "WAV".  IF that works, please raise a bug in the tracker so that I can fix it for the next update.

    Apart from there being a sound file that gets loaded and played, there are no "specs" as such.  the sounds that are there were there when I took the project on.  By all means, if you have better sounds to use I can include them in a future update as an option (some people might still prefer what is there now).

    To that end, if that license will extend to my including it in my uAlertMe iPhone app, that would be great also so that people can use the same sounds at both ends.  I would note though that uAlertMe does place a timing restriction on the sound so that it can be looped manually.

  • Undertone

    Undertone - 2012-11-15

    OK! "aif" doesn't work, but "aiff" does, and I can work with that. They work at 44.1 kHz too. However, FYI, neither "WAV" or "wav" work at all. Do you still want me to open a bug in the bugtracker for this? Technically, there's still a bit of dead spot when the sample loops (like a blank buffer…) but it's no show stopper.

    I wasn't considering doing the arm/disarm sounds as they're incidental; if I find the time I may come up with something for those. I was more concerned about getting a real punchy sound for the alarm. The original is fine but it's noisy and not as loud as it could be. I have no problem letting you use the alarm I created on other platforms, and in fact I'm going to rework it so it's mono: that way it'll be louder on the macbooks and functional on the iOS devices too.

    I recently heard a story from a friend of mine about a person who got their iPad stolen when they fell asleep receiving chemo  in a hospital's cancer clinic. What a despicable crime! I'm setting this up this software on his Macbook for this very reason. BTW: thanks for writing and up-keeping this software; there's a real need for it!

    I'll try to finish this up tomorrow. BTW: is there a PM system here? How do I up this file to you?

  • Peter Easdown

    Peter Easdown - 2012-11-15

    I suspect that if you use "WAVE" instead of "WAV" it will work.  Why it has "WAVE" I don't know.

    To get the file(s) to me, you can either click on my name, get to my page (which should take you to my own website) at which you'll find the email address (I know, convoluted, but I don't want to post it here where robots will grab it), or you can (I think) submit the file(s) as a patch through this site.

    Yes, please create a bug report citing the weird naming conventions required, and I'll fix the "WAVE" thing.

    It'll be a few weeks before I can apply the new file and do a release.  I'm snowed under with other stuff at the moment.

    Thanks for your interest.  Looking forward to hearing the new sound.



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