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2012-08-15 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	working on branches/iAIDA-1.0-branch:
	src/Makefile.in: added -install_name option to SHLIBFLAGS
        ChangeLog, ReadMe: update for latest version (1.0.22)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.22 (rev 183) ------------------------------------------

2012-08-15 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	working on branches/iAIDA-1.0-branch:
	tests/plot.cpp: fix missing include for cassert to enable build on macports
	ChangeLog, ReadMe: update for latest version (1.0.21)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.21 (rev 180) ------------------------------------------

2012-08-15 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	working on branches/iAIDA-1.0-branch:
	include/AIDA_Plugin/AIDA_PluginLoader.h: fixed issue with boost header
	(see 1.0.19 below) somehow I missed that file when fixing the others. :(
	Makefile.in: removed unneccessary setting of CXX for unixes
	ChangeLog, ReadMe: update for latest version (1.0.20)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.20 (rev 175) ----------------------------------------
2012-08-14 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com) 
	working on branches/iAIDA-1.0-branch:
	configure: fix recognition of boost include dir if user specified path is given
	src/AIDA_ROOT/FunctionConverter(.h,.cpp): fixed issue with moved boost headers
	for Boost versions >= 1.47.0 -- issue #3552592 (opened at 2012-07-31 06:41)
	(also reported by macports issue: http://trac.macports.org/ticket/32555)
	src/XMLStream.cpp, tests/Makefile.in, examples/exaTree.cpp: small cleanups
        ReadMe: update for latest version (1.0.19)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.19 (rev 173)------------------------------------------
2011-04-09 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	configure: incorporated patch for gfortran from issue ID: 3172767
	examples/samplingFromHistogram.cpp: added new example to show sampling from IHistogram1D (code from Guy)
	examples/storeRoot.cpp: added more histograms to check things
	examples/readRoot.cpp: added readback of either two histo1ds or one histo1d, one profile1d
	examples/exaTree.cpp: added more histograms for checks
	examples/Makefile.in: update MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.5 to build properly on 10.6
	tests/Makefile.in: add logs to cleanup, add a few tests including one from commandline
	ReadMe: update for latest version (1.0.18)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.18 (rev )------------------------------------------

2009-06-10 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	AIDAGracePlotter/Layout.cpp, AIDAGracePlotter/Plotter.cpp: fix compiler problems
	with gcc 4.3 (on SLC5)
	ReadMe: update for latest version (1.0.17)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.17 ------------------------------------------
2009-05-18 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	configure: fix an issue on SLC5 when both fortran compilers were present, 
	the linking of the examples/tests was not correct (using g77 instead of
	gfortran). Fixed to use gfortran if both are present.
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.16 ------------------------------------------
2009-04-08 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	aida-config.in: remove -lg2c if we're using gfortran
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.15 ------------------------------------------
2009-04-07 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	Fixed issue with gfortran.so being a relative symlink in configure
	Fixed compiler issues with AIDA_HBook/HBook.cpp for gcc 4.3
	(thanks to Alberto Ribon for reporting this)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.13  -----------------------------------------
2009-01-18 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	Fixed issue with std::abs(int) on Fedora-9 with gcc4.3 by including <cstdlib>
	(thanks to Anton Lechner for reporting this)
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.12  -----------------------------------------

2008-08-01 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	Fixed issue with g77/gfortran compilers on SuSE 10.1
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.11  -----------------------------------------

2008-07-01 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	Fixed wrong detection of g77/gfortran compilers
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.10  -----------------------------------------

2008-06-01 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	Fixed missing libs in aida-config when using CERNLIB on 64bit h/w, 
	fixed problem with libexpat when using -m32 on 64bit archs
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.9  -----------------------------------------

2007-11-07 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	improved checking of cernlib, added more diagnostics info for use
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.8  -----------------------------------------
2007-10-29 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	if cernlib is configured on a 64 bit architecture, the executables are now linked
	statically, this fixes the problem with the ColumnWiseNtuples in HBook. The Root
	libs (if configured) need to be static as well.
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.7  -----------------------------------------
2007-10-19 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	added detection of libgfortran.so in case /usr/lib64 contains only versioned libs
	added linking with lg2c as cernlib seems to need that 
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.6  -----------------------------------------

2007-10-18 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	fixed path problem in aida-config for cernlib
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.5  -----------------------------------------

2007-10-18 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	updated Makefile for tests and examples and aida-config to explicitely use
	the cernlib if specified. This is needed in case the cernlib installation is
	using shared libs.
	Tagged iAIDA-1.0.4  -----------------------------------------

2007-10-03 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	added test (testHistoName) for problem reported by Giovanni Santin with gcc 3.2.3
	(not reproducible with later compilers)
	updated Makefile to allow parallel building
	updated configure and makefiles to use root-config results intead of the command. 
	create archive lib as well (externals need to be available as archive as well if going to be used)
2007-09-30 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	Added license (LGPL v3) files (COPYING*) and preamble to all code files.
	Changed all namespaces and include protections to use iAIDA.
	Fixed typo in class and file name of RootPathFormatter
2007-09-28 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	src/AIDA_ROOT/Profile1D.h, src/AIDA_ROOT/Profile2D.h: added conversion to double
	for args to std::sqrt as suggested by Giovanni Santin. Needed for gcc323.

2007-09-27 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)     
	Tagged iAIDA-0.2.3   ------------------------------------------

2007-09-27 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	aida-config.in, configure: updated handling of Root libs when linking
	as the libs need to be present for linking when using aida-config --libs
	(includes not needed).
	src/AIDA_ROOT/Profile1D.cpp, src/AIDA_ROOT/Profile2D.cpp: added std:: to calls of sqrt
	src/NormGaussModelFunction.cpp: added std:: to calls of sqrt, added include <cmath>
2007-09-27 Andreas Pfeiffer (apfeiffer1@gmail.com)
	start of log with version 0.2.3