Reto Glauser - 2005-01-23

thanks a lot, got it working on my X40.

what i haven't achieved yet is exporting a resolution bigger than the one i use on the laptop. i don't know if this is even possible ...

For easy use open up your /root/.bashrc and add

function dualhead
         echo $1
         cd ~/i855crt-0.4
         ./i855crt swcursor overlaycrt on 1024x768@$1
         cd -

source your new .bashrc:

source /root/.bashrc

and use your new function dualhead:

dualhead Hz

replace Hz with your desired refresh rate on the external monitor/beamer. if you don't have i855crt-0.4 placed in /root/ you must change the line

cd ~/i855crt-0.4