i810 TV-OUT Lenny v0.1 released

= i810 TV-OUT Lenny v0.1 released =

This is the first release of i810 TV-OUT Lenny, a ready-to-use chroot environment which allows usage of the TV-OUT device on intel i810/i8xx/i9xx hardware.

For more info, see the never-resolved bug 12882 "[855GM DVO] s-video not detected (DVO TV not supported yet)":

Archive i810lenny-chroot.tbz contains the following software:

* all dev packages to compile the old intel i810 driver already installed (see i810packages.txt)
* installed old i810 driver (working only on Xorg 1.4) version 1.7.2
* Xorg 1.4 configured for i810 with 2 layouts (one to TV and one to LCD)
* xfe as file manager
* (g)mplayer as media player
* fluxbox as window manager
* eterm and xterm as terminal emulators
* voodoo video driver (unused, just to not install the conflicting intel driver)

To build the same environment from scratch, use instead i810lenny-builder.0.1.tbz.

= How to use the chrooted environment =

The i810lenny-chroot.tbz archive is a live Debian Lenny Linux system, extract its contents and then run (as root)

#$ ./lenny

to enter the live system. Once you get out the chroot shell, use:

#$ ./umount-lenny

to remove all mountpoints used for the chroot.

When entering the chroot you will read a short text which explains how to use i810 TV-OUT Lenny. Basically, you just need to login as 'tvout' user to start Xorg on the TV-OUT digital video output. Once started you will see a file manager and GMplayer playing a sample video with audio (useful for testing).

If you instead wish to develop on the old i810 driver (and maybe fix it for the community, allowing usage on modern Xorg 1.6!!), login as user 'legolas'. On its home directory you will find the sources of the driver.

= Feedback =
This system was created and packaged by legolas558, many thanks to Debian Linux and all the other open source developers of the software used!

If you have improvements for this package, please drop me message:


Posted by Daniel 2009-09-21

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