Open existing "project" could be smarter

  • M. Scott Gartner

    When opening an existing project, it would be nice if the program would figure out the locales automatically.  The project I am playing with has 66 locales (which means 66 locale specific files and one "generic" file).  Having to put in all of these locales seems like make-work that the application could have done for me very simply as it walked the directory structure.

    • Dirk Hillbrecht

      Dirk Hillbrecht - 2004-07-19


      I must admit that my practical experience so far is only with four to five locales...

      Finding all existing locales isn't super-simple, however. As the locale tree may be sparse, the importer would have to scan the complete tree, fiddle around with file names and possible locales (using some heuristics), presenting the user a list of possible locales and let the user select the locales which do really exist.

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