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Initial (and probably the only) release

That's the state of a project when I've switched to python+twisted, since PHP sucks bad for event-driven apps.

IPC server is able to catch requests for relevant userinfo, sending messages or getting buddylists and the client part is capable of fetching all that.
Last thing I've tried here was to implement some reconnection mechanism to survive any network/server issues and some 'authentication failure' errors when client is given bad login/password, so there could be some stubs of these features, though quite unlikely.... read more

Posted by Mike Kazantsev 2008-06-22

No release yet

The project has passed it's alpha stage and now undergoes active testing phase while being integrated into a larger project (web portal with ICQ notifications and info-gathering).
Actually that's the reason I can't release it yet, but I'll be able to do that as soon as that project will be launched, which sholdn't take longer than a few months.

Good news is also that by then it'll be bugproof and will have multi-headed gmail/jabber component, twin to ICQ, though I'm planning to release it as a separate project.

Posted by Mike Kazantsev 2008-04-01