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1. Download your chosen plaform installer.
2. Run the installer.
3. If not already started, start the service.
4. Connect to https://<hostname>
5. Login using the default credentials of admin/admin.
6. Change the admin password.
7. Your in!

Project Information
Hypersocket aims to provide an easy-to-use cross-platform VPN with granular access control. It is not a regular VPN because it's very much at the application level; you could place it in the same category as SSL VPN like SSL-Explorer (and subsequently Adito/OpenVPN ALS). However we are not focused on providing access through the browser so I like to call it a Hybrid VPN.

The server can run anywhere you have access to a Java runtime (1.7+). It's built on Netty and uses Spring / Hibernate to provide a JSON API which is used by the web-based user interface built using JQuery.

You can use the built-in database Apache Derby or you can hook it up to MySQL, Postgres or MSSQL.

Client access is provided through an installable client and we have builds for Windows both 32 and 64 bit versions and MacOSX 64 bit.

All documentation has now moved to our Helpdesk. Some articles to get you started are:

Installing Hypersocket Server on Windows
Installing Hypersocket Server on Linux
Installing Hypersocket Client on Windows
Setting up Websites

You can find demo videos and screencasts on our YouTube Channel.

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