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Posted by hyperscsi 2003-05-13

New HyperSCSI Release 20030506 with Windows Client

There is a new release of HyperSCSI Linux client and server. This new release also contains the first non-commercial evaluation Windows HyperSCSI client. Currently the Windows client supports Windows 2000.

Posted by hyperscsi 2003-05-13

HyperSCSI 20030218 release

Bugs fixed and added new features

See Changelog for more details.

Posted by hyperscsi 2003-02-20

HyperSCSI Minor Feature Enhancements: version 20021024

HyperSCSI version 20021024 is released today, with key support for Keep-Alives and DevFS

Posted by hyperscsi 2002-10-28

HyperSCSI Initial Release: version 20020808

This is the initial release of HyperSCSI.
Available on Sourceforge are the binary packages of HyperSCSI. Full source download, please refer to the following URL:

HyperSCSI main site:

Posted by hyperscsi 2002-09-02