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HQ 3.2 is a significant achievement by Hyperic, with some great new features:

  • Live Exec Data - Instantly see your most CPU intensive processes (top), disk usage, network connections and more across your entire cluster of Windows and *nix platforms in a single view!
  • Currently Down Resources - This quick look screen gives users the ability to view all down resources and their length of down time at a glance in one page. The view can be more narrowly filtered by generic or specific resource type, and can also be sorted by resource name, type, exact down time, and length of down time.
  • Nagios Import Utility - This new utility automatically imports Nagios hosts, commands and service object. This utility provides administrators currently using Nagios easy access to all the custom checks and configuration currently supported in their Nagios environment, while extending all the additional benefits and features of the Hyperic HQ platform to these users with the click of a button.
  • Improved Nagios Integration - The Hyperic HQ 3.2 Nagios plugin has been extended significantly to provide Nagios administrators the ability to run Nagios plugins natively and view Nagios Services, Hosts, and Statuses in a way that is identical to the Nagios Service Details interface.

Additionally, we've significantly upgraded HQ's infrasctructure:

  • Scalability Improvements ? Hyperic aims to provide the most scalable systems monitoring and management software available in open source with Hyperic HQ 3.2. Significant investment in powering more concurrent checks, collecting more log data, and increasing the database performance for both queries and data insertion will demonstrate immediate results for large scale enterprises. Significant benchmark testing will be conducted in parallel with this Beta, and results will be shared.
  • MySQL Database Support - Full support for MySQL database to be used as backend data store for Hyperic HQ 3.2, leveraging the proliferation of MySQL in the enterprise and existing DBA expertise. The performance of MySQL is expected to be on par with the other backend databases we currently support: Oracle, and Postgres.
  • HQ Health Check ? The Hyperic HQ Server now supports self-diagnostics on the performance of the server itself, providing users and Hyperic Support a better way to be assured their monitoring system is always available.
  • Global Alert Disable - For scheduled maintenance or planned outages, the HQ administrator can globally disable all alerts on-demand in HQ 3.2, thereby preventing unwanted alerts from being generated during these times.

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Posted by Hyperic Team 2007-12-05

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