Hyperic HQ 3.1 is Available

Come and get it! The award-winning, Open Source Hyperic HQ 3.1 is officially GA!

The product debuted this week at LinuxWorld and is already an award winner! With great new capabilities including a new Alert Center with the ability to tag alerts with how they were fixed, embedded contextual help - that can be copied locally to customize with anything from localization to adding runbook details, a completely localizeable UI, and support for more technologies including the latest additions of Coldfusion, Glassfish and Jetty.

We are officially recommending that everyone upgrade to the latest and greatest release - so download Hyperic HQ 3.1 today! - http://www.hyperic.com/downloads/

For more information on Hyperic HQ 3.1 see the release notes: http://support.hyperic.com/confluence/display/DOC/Release+Notes

Note: Initial support for MySQL as a backend database has been added but is not recommended for production environments.

Posted by Hyperic Team 2007-08-10

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