I am in a similar position only I have already assumed that the apache license is the one. It would be good for SIGAR to be clearer on this point. $0.02.


Andrew Marlow


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20/12/2010 01:42
Please respond to

Sigar License


Our company wants to use Sigar and we'd like to know what's the current License

>From the SVN the latest version says Apache License

I recon this means that only the unreleased 1.6.4 version will have apache license... as the latest stable version still ships with a GPL license

I've had a look at the nightly builds and I can see the dlls for the windows platform but no related jars... can we make use of those dlls with the jar contained in the latest stable version?

Or can we use instead the latest full build from sourceforge with Apache license??

Thank you

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