Hi devs,

I'm Dileepa, a relatively new guy in software development.
I have a requirement of writing a small app to validate the system configurations with a set of recommended minimal configurations. This includes processor, memory, open-file descriptors etc. Sigar API caught my eye as a easy-to-use portable API with java binding (I'm developing in java).

However I'm unable to retrieve my system configuration info using Sigar API. I used CpuInfo class to retrieve my cpu info, and NetInfo to get network info, thus far was unsuccessful with them. (eg: cpu.getTotalCores() always return 0 and netInfo.getDefaultGateway() always returns null).

I'm aware of the requirement of having the Sigar native libraries in the application classpath. I'm developing in eclipse and have configured the build-path of my project with sigar- with it's native library location set to: sigar-bin/lib. I assume that would fulfil the native library loading requirement of sigar. Can you guys please give me any tip on what could be the reason for my application not to work as expected?

My system configurations :
Does Sigar support above system configurations/architecture/OS?
Any help on this matter is much appreciated.