#2 Exception -2015 raised


2 D8 cameras video tape a performance. Each video camera
uses 2 video tapes - one for each half of the performance. Total
is between 2.5 and 3 hours of video.

Clips of all tapes imported into iMovie.

33 GB worth of small clips imported into Hypervision directly from
iMovie's media folder, laid out horizontally by the import process.

I merge the clips into 4 consecutive clips -- each one representing
a video tape.

Two video tapes lined up vertically so the timing matches.

Start clipping and shortening the clips to creat the edits of one
camera showing at a time, fadiing to another clip at various times.
The end points and beginning points triangles are dragged to
shorten the clips to the desired time frame.

I occassionally remerge some clips when I decide to change the

To see both videos at a time, I frequently and temporarily adjust
the transition between two lengthy clips to 50% to 50% fade.

Somewhere around the 20th clipping, I start to get exceptions and
I can not do any more edits.

Files are saved and reopened, exceptions persist.

Double clicking on a transition area gives me this exception:

Exception raised in /P4/arboretum/HAV/Source/Arme/
MovieHelper.cpp at line 2741 : Unknown Exception : -2015

Adjusting the end or start time of a clip gives the same exception.

Playing the movie shows the movie fine until we hit a transition, at
which point the frame freezes until the transition time is done and
the movie resumes at that point of the clip. Audio plays fine.

Version 1.5


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