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HYSS template model

Today I added a simple template model to the Files section that use the same simulation system (called HYSS) as HYPE. The code of this model is extensively commented to be easy to understand. I hope this will help those trying to read HYPE-code and those that want to build a model of their own in HYSS. A introduction of the model can be found among the wiki tutorials link

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2016-12-16

HYPE version 4.13.2

Small change to 4.13.1; bug corrections for snow density calculations.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2016-12-12

HYPE version 4.13.1

A small addition to 4.13.0, with three constanst made into general parameters that now need to be given values in the par.txt file.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2016-11-14

HYPE version 4.13.0

The main new feature is two outlets from outlet lakes can now be defined in LakeData with their own regulation. The recieving subbasin of the second outlet is given in BranchData.
Other news are improved handling of crop management and growth on the southern hemisphere, abstraction of water from river inflow, and a variant for calculating T2-temperature in lake outflow.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2016-11-04

HYPE version 4.12.0 released

The new version has a model option for floodplain functionality for main rivers and outlet lakes. Another model option for snow density and snow depth has been added. The format in info-file for chosing model options has changed.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2016-05-04

HYPE version 4.11.0 released

The new HYPE version features time-varying point sources and output with given number of significant figures. Other important changes for users of earlier versions is the changes of the location of the update.txt file and the format of the par.txt file. Bugs regarding nutrient load output, T2 calculations and short forcing data files has been corrected. The code has been adjusted to compile with gfortran compiler.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2016-03-17

HYPE version 4.10.7 released

The new HYPE version has one new feature that is temperaturedependent start of growth season. Otherwise it contains mostly small changes and error fixing.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2015-11-02

HYPE version 4.10.5 released

The new HYPE version has a new formulation of the relative criteria. Relative error is calculated relative to the absolute value of the observed average. Relative error of standard devation is calculated relative to observed standard deviation. Also a few bug corrections and some new output variables are added.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2015-09-04

HYPE version 4.10.4 released

Mostly corrections of bugs, but a few new things is worth mentioning.
- Print out for weekly values now use the first day of the week as their date column.
- A new file for glacier information, GlacierData.txt, can be used. At the same time glacier type was changed, and glacier parameter names.
- The bug correction of parameter epotdist can change the behaviour of the model compared to previous version. To get the same result as before in your model set-up change your epotdist-value to the nearest integer.
- Added the possibility to save all ensemble results for MonteCarlo simulations.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2015-07-15

HYPE version 4.10.0

The new HYPE version has:
- additional possibilities to determine the flow in a branch.
- evaporation of snow.
- correction of undercatch of rain and snow separately.
- new input file for regulated dams, DamData.txt, handle dams of different purpose.
- possibility to use linear ekvations to estimate some parameters from catchment descriptors.
- changes in formulation of snow melt calculations and format of state-file.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2015-01-28

New demo

A new demo set-up (demo3) with aquifer and irrigation has been added to release_4_9_3.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2014-12-10

HYPE version 4.9.3

The HYPE 4.9.3 has a possibility to simulate large aquifers. The simulation of water temperature as a tracer has been improved. It is now possible to have additional forcing (wind and relative humidity) to be used for evaporation.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2014-10-31

HYPE version 4.8.0

The new HYPE has been improved with calculation and print out of daily water balance, possibility to have rivers as classes (with an area so that they can handle precipitation and evaporation), better point source input format, and many more.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2014-05-27

HYPE version 4.6.0

The new HYPE version has been improved on handling shorter time steps for discharge simulation. The format of initial state-files has been changed (only one file now). The declarations of state variables has changed.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2014-01-20

HYPE version 4.5.2

The latest version of HYPE can simulate water temperature as a tracer, has more optimization options, can use more forcing data and is faster.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2013-11-01

New documentation

The latest version of HYPE has improved documentation. An introduction to the HYPE model and an overview of the HYSS-HYPE code has been added.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2013-02-22

HYPE version 4.3.0

The latest HYPE version has a new formulation of modelling substances in the soil. Other changes include updating discharge with AR-method, improved regulation of dams, new file for branched flow, simulate with specified forcing sequence, and much more.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2013-02-22

HYPE version 4.0.0

HYSS of the new version handles shorter time steps, down to one hour. The soil part of HYPE has been modularised; two soilmodels, one module for water processes and one for NPC-processes. New and improved documentation of the HYPE code.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2012-07-04

HYPE version 3.6.2

The new release include more calibration methods and irrigation of crops

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2012-05-04

HYPE model description

An english version of the model description has been uploaded for version 3.5.3

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2011-12-12

new release

hype version 3.5.1 has bugs that has been corrected in 3.5.3

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2011-10-24

new release 3.5.1

hype version 3.5.0 has a bug that has been corrected in 3.5.1. The corrected hype is found in folder release_hype_3_5_1.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2011-10-17

HYPE version 3.5.0

A new release of HYPE has been uploaded. It is found in the folder release_hype_3_5_0

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2011-10-11

hype version 3.3.1 release

A new release of hype has been uploaded.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2011-08-16

demo available

A model set up (demo) has been uploaded. The model has one (sub-)catchment and simulates discharge, nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations. Available in the folder demo and for download as demo.zip.

Posted by Charlotta Pers 2011-06-22

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