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Lot of new features:
- Fax Alarm
- Debug functions
- New phonebook type: local
- Send fax as email via internal, external (mapi) or external third-part
- Terminal server
- Fax resolution
- Hylapex_db (see the docs for more info)

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2008-03-05

2.4.3 - Stable with lot of improvements

Lot of new big features:
- Cover management
- On win, not need the Administrative rights
- New gui for send
- Graphic (icon) replace
- Kill time
- Local/GMT time
- MS Vista compatibilities
- A lot of other feature!

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2007-12-06

2.2.5 - Stable release

Solve a lot of bugs. New stable release

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2007-02-22

new 2.2.0

New release upload:

Big new features:
- Add a command line utility, so you can send fax via dos prompt (or, of
course, via shell terminal)
- New ftp library based on twisted. Totally multi-thread!

New features:
- Changed the printer driver of virtual print. Now the print from
acrobat reader work.
- More quality on print conversion. The images looks good now.
- "Add to phone book" also work on send fax list
- Changed a lot of code

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2007-02-05

Version 2.0.8

The new version add a lot of features, like threaded connction, thread phone book, etc...
See changelog

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2006-01-24

New 2.0 version

Some new features:
Concatenate the files and convert to a single multipage before send
Internal view for all the files type and receive/done fax
Modify the "sending" fax with internal tools,
Message of new received fax: "You have 3 new fax"
Message of status of send/done fax
Email notify
Very simple "print add" widzard to add a "LINUX-FAX" printer on windows systems
PhoneBook widzard to add mysql/odbc/internal phonebook... read more

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2005-08-02

New install documentation

New documentation is docs package. Reade install.pdf for the installation instructions.

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2004-10-28

Bug in linux version

New 1.6.1 version. In linux, the press the tiff_view or ps_view button, now show you all the files, not only .exe.

Posted by Michele Petrazzo 2004-08-03