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1.2.0 Released!

Today, as said in roadmap, I've released Hybrid Share 1.2.0, the second Main stable release.

If you want contribute with Video, Documentations, Ideas, Code, Bugs and so on, I'm here!

Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2007-02-28

1.2 RC2 - Windows Bugs Solved, Test! Test!

Today i've released the second Release Candidate of Hybrid Share 1.2.
New Windows Installer and Windows version seems working, i've solved the RC1 Sqlite3 problem.

In This Release there are minor fixes, and i've added selectable downloading temp directory.

Please, Test it and report bugs to me.


Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2007-02-25

Help: Build Mono with Gtk# 2.10 on Windows

Hybrid Share need Mono with Gtk# 2.10 for Windows, but till now Mono has released the with gtk# 2.8.

Gtk# 2.10 are relased since August 2006. And the Linux version works without problem.

I don't have Windows at home, so I need someone that build it for me.

Here there're some links with the Mono on Windows Information:

http://svn.myrealbox.com/viewcvs/trunk/release/windows-installer/?rev=73144... read more

Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2007-02-20

1.2 RC1 - Test! Test! Test!

Due to SourceForge Hardware problem i couldn't update site until wednesday 21.

Today i've made the First Release Candidate with:
- Generic GNU System Package (Linux, BSD, Solaris)
- Debian Package (Ubuntu Feisty)
- Source Code
- Windows Installer

Due to someone that push me to release, i haven't tested application so much (i've tested a little bit on GNU/Linux) so you have to help me, to test the application (because i don't have much time).... read more

Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2007-02-19

Happy New Year and Features!

Happy New Year!!!
Today I've decided to show you the Hybrid Share 1.1 Development Status, with simple description and screenshot of new features added or in progress.


Please, I Need Help with Icons!
I need Group Icons for Buddy List,
and Stop/Resume ecc.. Icons for Download Viewer

For more informations write to me.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2007-01-01

Help! Documentation, Tutorials, Videos Wanted

We need Hybrid Share User Guide.
To explain how to use Hybrid Share.

If someone want contribute with a simple usage video or tutorial...

My mail is: theo.bertozzi@gmail.com


Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2006-12-23

Holidays, It's time to Develop!

Today, it's my first half day of holidays.
I'm working on Hybrid Share old Plugins Import.
Tomorrow I'll start to develop new features.
I've made ebuilds for the 1.1 subversion release (I'll post it tomorrow)

One week from the first release and more than 200 download, but no one bug found? :)

Artwork Contents:
A competition to design a new logo, Icon Themes for the Hybrid Share Application.
The prize for the competition is the honour and satisfaction of having your work displayed on Hybrid Share Web Site and Application, with full credit given for each use of the image. ... read more

Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2006-12-22

1.0.0 Release is Here

On 16 Dec 2006, I've Released The First official release of project.
Report Bug(s) if it's necessary!!!

Posted by Matteo Bertozzi 2006-12-16