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husky for ARM

Now HUSKY 1.9 (current) may be compied ffor te GNU/Linux ARM platform (machine arm,armel, ...).
Look a file with template *arm* in the downloa page

Posted by Stas Degteff 2011-11-16

New developer

Today new developer is joined into Husky development team: Stanislav Maslovsky, login s_i_m.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2008-05-21

New developer

Alexander Shiyan (shc, 2:5030/39@fidonet) is joined into HUSKY Development Team. The main job of Alexander is bugs fixing.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2007-12-14

husky 1.4-RC2 released

husky is a bunch of OS-independent software for fidonet. It consitsts of tosser hpt, fileechoprocessor htick, message editor msged TE, libraries fidoconfig, smapi etc. New Release Candidate is available now for downloading. It contains module 'husky-all' - all husky programs in one bundle.

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-09-22

1.2.4 release is out

Finally 1.2.4 release of hpt, htick, etc. is out.
This is the last release of 1.2.x branch.

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-06-11

Emailpkt stable

emailpkt now assigned to stable branch with tag emailpkt-1_4-stable

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-03-06

SMAPI is under LGPL

Scott Dudley agreed to change SMAPI licence to LGPL.
Since 2003-02-18 it is distributed under LGPL
See smapi/LICENSE for details.

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-03-06

FreeBSD port collection

Since 6 jan 2003 husky is in the FreeBSD Ports Collection.
Thanx to Max Khon! :)

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-03-06

New beta (stable branch) available 1.4-stable-beta2

see download section

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-03-06

New stable branch 1.4 beta1 is out

bsopack 1.4.0 (bsopack-1_4-stable)
fidoconfig 1.4.0 (fidoconf-1_4-stable)
hpt 1.4.0 (hpt-1_4-stable)
hptkill 1.12.0 (hptkill-1_12-stable)
hptsqfix 1.4.0 (hptsqfix-1_4-stable)
hpucode 1.4.0 (hpucode-1_4-stable)
htick 1.4.0 (htick-1_4-stable)
nltools 1.4.0 (nltools-1_4-stable)
smapi 2.4.0 (smapi-2_4-stable)
sqpack 1.4.0 (sqpack-1_4-stable)

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-02-12

New release available

This release includes:
bsopack 0.2.2
fidoconfig 0.14.2
hpt 1.2.2
hptkill 1.10.2
hptsqfix 1.2.2
hpucode 1.2.2
htick 1.0.2
nltools 1.2.2
smapi 2.2.2

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2003-01-06

Husky release

At least release of husky software is available.
This release includes:

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2002-11-11

Release Candidate 2 is available

Release Candidate 2 includes:

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2002-09-20

New debian packages

Debian packages (both source and binary-i386)
available at

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2002-08-23

original husky cvsroot

Original husky cvsroot (from has been imported to sourceforge's cvs

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2002-08-15

new mailing list

now plaintext diffs is being posted to mailing list

Posted by Dmitry Sergienko 2002-08-15