#13 confugurable usage "To" clause in .TIC

htick (5)

= fidosoft.husky (2:5080/102)

fidosoft.husky =
Msg : #21 [25] +24
From : Jesper SĄrensen 2:204/255
14 Nov 02 20:48:50
To : All 15 Nov 02
Subj : Htick & ancient tic processors
My ZC is complaining to me because his stone age tic
processor is unable to
handle the tic files generated by Htick on my system.
The problem is that Htick
inserts "To 2:292/854" into the tic files, and that line is
not stripped by his
software but instead forwarded to his downlinks, whose
software is NOT stone
age and therefore sees the "to" line and logically rejects
the file.

I've tried to disable the to-lines in the Htick, but if I do
that Htick abends
when handling files for busy links. It obviously needs
that line to find out
where to send the file, if it wasn't sent directly (because
of busy link).

I've suggested to Mr. Dossche that he either tries to find
himself a newer
piece of software or filters the incoming tic files
through "grep -v ^To".
Unfortunately he didn't seem to like any of those options.

Would it be possible to disable to-lines in Htick, without
it abending? Anyone
has a better idea?

* Origin: Singularity/2 - Swedish Internet Backbone


  • Stas Degteff

    Stas Degteff - 2002-11-15

    Logged In: YES

    FSC-87: "TO" clause is optional:

    ^ TO [Address] OPTIONAL
    Site to which this TIC and the assocaited file are
    being sent.
    This keyword is included in the .TIC file when:
    a) the file is being routed via another system which
    such routing.
    b) the platform in use does not have any FTN
    independant method of associating a file
    nd it's
    destination. eg. platforms that do not have
    that could contain this information as part of

    If the address in the TO line is that of the receiving
    site, the
    field is not passed through when forwarding. If the
    address in
    the TO lines IS NOT that of the receiving site, it
    should be
    forwarded to the TO site, if a routing agreement is in
    place with
    the sending site.

  • Stas Degteff

    Stas Degteff - 2002-11-15
    • summary: confugurable usage "To" clause in .TIC --> confugurable usage "To" clause in .TIC

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