bonzo - 2001-05-23


at, there are now daily updated status
pages about the Debian GNU/Hurd distribution.  The setup is
as follows:

Calls ~hurd/bin/turtle with the correct paramters to update the site.
Calls perl to run turtle off the install base in ~hurd/turtle/blib.
Build and install tree of the turtle. I disabled use of the MIME module manually, because this is not available on SourceForge and we don't need it.  Then the installed version in blib is ready to use.
The turtle database for the web pages.  ~hurd/Debian/packages
contains a list of all packages to be processed, this was build from group/Debian/Sources.  Sources and Packages are updated automatically when they have changed (from the mirror in group/Debian/archive).
The link html-dir points to the place where the web site is generated.
That's the place for the web pages.