#14 verbose (`) command in PIPE (-a) mode


Reading the man page, I tried to use the pipe mode, by passing the -a option switch. I actually wanted to get back all the words, even the ones that were recognized.

According to the man page, the character ` in the beginning of a line enters the verbose mode, where recognized words are printed after the '*'.

This didn't work, so I took a look at the code. To my surprise, there was nothing there implementing this feature. So I went ahead and wrote the code for it.

I attach the patch file against src/tools/hunspell.cxx


  • Alexios Zavras

    Alexios Zavras - 2008-09-14

    patch for hunspell.cxx

  • Németh László

    Hi Alexios, many thanks for your patch. I will use it in the next release. László

  • Németh László

    • assigned_to: nobody --> nemethl
  • caolan mcnamara

    caolan mcnamara - 2010-03-04

    man page copied the ispell section as hunspell is supposed to be able to replace ispell with the -a mode. As such we should have this mode. So committed this in, thanks.

  • caolan mcnamara

    caolan mcnamara - 2010-03-04
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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