#36 Allow Non-Breaking Space to be used in Suggestion


Currently when a word is two words put together without a space, Hunspell suggests that a space be put between them. This is correct for most languages, however, in a language like Khmer or Thai where spaces are not used between words, this creates extra work for the user, as they have to select the correction with the space, then remove the space and insert a non-breaking space between the words manually.
I would like to suggest the option to use a non-breaking space between suggested words so that languages such as Khmer and Thai are correctly suggested by Hunspell.
Also, since a non-breaking space is invisible, it would be ideal for the suggestion to include a real space, but in reality only add a non-breaking space, or have a brief explanation that the word should be separated into two words.


  • Nathan

    Nathan - 2011-05-30

    Can anyone confirm that this is a needed feature? And is there any reason no one else can comment on this thread?

    Last edit: Nathan 2013-06-29
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