#24 Equivalent character combinations



I'd like to ask you to add some way to tell Hunspell that two characters (or character combinations) are equivalent.

For example, in Catalan we have the letter "ŀl". It is usually written as "l·l" (using a middle dot), but now with unicode there is the "ŀ" character which should be used for it (although certain operating systems provide no convenient way to write it) but as the "l·l" way is more widespread the Catalan dictionary contains the words written that way, and if you write them with "ŀl" OpenOffice.org and other applications mark them as incorrect, which I find highly annoying.

Unless I'm missing something, fixing this would require duplicating all entries containing "l·l", listing them also with "ŀl", so my request is for Hunspell to provide some way to tell it that "ŀl" and "l·l" are equivalent, so that it would accept words written using "ŀl" even if they are with "l·l" in the dictionary, and in the word suggestions it would show only one version (in this case "l·l", or perhaps detect which of both character was used most in the document and use that one.. or if the error is not the "ŀl" being missing, show the form that the user has already typed).

This may also be useful for other languages, eg. German, where "ue" is accepted as an alternative way to write "ü".


  • RainCT (Siegfried Gevatter)

    (It's me who submitted this request; forgot to log in.)

  • RainCT (Siegfried Gevatter)

    Has anyone looked at this? Does it sound feasible?

  • Németh László

    Oops, I have missed your request. You can use the ICONV (and OCONV) for input (and suggestion) character conversion:

    ---- Hunspell affix file ----

    SET UTF-8

    ICONV 1
    ICONV l·l ŀl

    This feature of Hunspell 1.2.8 will be introduced in OpenOffice.org 3.1.

    By the way, the hyphenator of the recent OpenOffice.org can hyphenate the geminated l (in both encodings) of Catalan language with the reliable hyphenation pattern, see this publication: http://hunspell.sourceforge.net/tb87nemeth.pdf.

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have mailed this problem to Jesús Corrius, Softcatalà to fix it in the next OpenOffice.org release (with improved hyphenation patterns and a fixed or new optional dictionary). I will make an OpenOffice.org issue for this issue, too.


  • Németh László

    • assigned_to: nobody --> nemethl
    • status: open --> closed

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