generate() in win32

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2009-10-15

    Hello László,

    i try to improve NHunspell and have some trouble with generate() under Win32. I use the original distribution to test this and i compiled tools/analyze.cxx instead of tools/hunspell.cxx

    I'm using the word book and boy in some combinations. I get the following results by analyze:

    > book

    analyze(book) =  st:book

    stem(book) = book

    > books

    analyze(books) =  st:book fl:S

    stem(books) = book

    > boy

    analyze(boy) =  st:boy

    stem(boy) = boy

    > boys

    analyze(boys) =  st:boy fl:S

    stem(boys) = boy

    generate(book, boys) = NO DATA

    generate(boys, book) = NO DATA

    generate(boy, book) = NO DATA

    generate(books, boys) = NO DATA

    Stemming and analyze works fine with book and boys, but generate fails. Am i doing something wrong?

  • Eleonora

    Eleonora - 2009-10-15

    I use magyarispell 1.5 and hunspell 1.2.8 on debian linux. Here what I get:

    $echo books | ./analyze en_US.aff en_US.dic /dev/stdin
    > books
    analyze(books) =  st:book ts:0 is:Ns
    analyze(books) =  st:book ts:0 is:Vs
    stem(books) = book

    $echo boys | ./analyze en_US.aff en_US.dic /dev/stdin
    > boys
    analyze(boys) =  st:boy ts:0 is:Ns
    stem(boys) = boy

    $ echo book boys |./analyze en_US.aff en_US.dic /dev/stdin
    generate(book, boys) = books

    $ echo boys book |./analyze en_US.aff en_US.dic /dev/stdin
    generate(boys, book) = boy

  • Németh László

    Hello Thomas,

    Morphological generation needs an extended dictionary, see <a href="">new version of the English dictionary</a> of 3.1. Eleonóra uses this dictionary on her Debian.


  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2009-10-16

    Hello tyuk,

    I think this is a win32 specific problem. BTW which dictionaries do you use?

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2009-10-16

    Hello László,

    it works! Great! Thank you for your immediate support. Next version of NHunspell will have full stemming and generation support.

    Best regards, Thomas


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