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  • miksaw

    miksaw - 2006-10-19


    I would like to check the text I type in every application (text editor, web browser, etc)

    I want to check the spelling and correct it on-the-fly, or the program to suggest me about possible corrections

    I want to use my own custom dictionary

    I want it to work with Greek and English language at the same time (2 or more dictionaries loaded) but ofcourse, not to do the double time or use the double system resources to check some text (it should recognize the language each time and use the relevant dictionary)

    I want it to autocorrect specific text (replace it on-the-fly) with some other text I specify, and I must be able to specify this text using wildcard/regex (althouth many programs have autocorrect features, no one supports wildcards/regex and thus they are very limited)

    I want to type something and the program to autocomplete the words I beging to type (autocomplete by the most frequently used words in a document) like OpenOffice does

    does your software meet the above requirements?


    • Németh László

      Hi, does its spell checking job by Hunspell, but text editing, autocompleting etc. are not tasks of a spell checker and spell checker library, like Hunspell.

      Hunspell has some nice feature, like affixation of personal dictionary words, that are missing from



      • White Phoenix

        White Phoenix - 2008-07-05

        Does Hunspell have an editable custom dictionary in case of errors and the need for global corrections?

        Is there a way to edit the custom dictionary directly the way you can with MS Word? I have added quite a few new words, but they were at the beginning of sentences and therefore capitalized. I need to convert them to all lowercase and it would be much easier if it was a text file where I could just edit them all at once instead of having to add each word one at a time using the editor in the Tools>Options>Writing Aids>User defined dictionaries>Edit.

        . . .

        Yeah, that was about the only thing I liked about Word. All of the custom dictionary files were text files, they were all in the same folder, and they were easily edited. They were also limited because the custom dictionaries didn’t really recognize case, hyphenated words, compound words or words with apostrophes. (Imakuni, eBay, Kool-aid, déjà vu, Kamakawiwo’ole)

        . . .

        Mozilla products use dictionaries that are extensions. The custom/user-defined dictionaries are completely non-editable and the authors do not seem to care. The creator of Boxer Text Editor uses a third-party plug-in dictionary. The dictionary itself is non-editable, but the user dictionary is a simple text file that is easily edited. There use to be another text editor that had a more complex editable user-defined dictionary that would allow you to identify what parts of speech the words were. If OpenOffice were to have something like that it would work. Perhaps I should preempt this move to dictionary extensions, and find someone who has made a user-friendly customizable dictionary extension compatible with OpenOffice already. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly more difficult to use Downloads.Com. They have been lousing up the UI on their site. Hopefully CNET hasn’t bought out TUCOWS yet. . . .

        I just searched TUCOWS, Downloads.Com and Google for one and found nothing. The prospects are not good. 8-(

        This is stupid. The only thing that needs to be done to make the spellchecker perfect is to make the custom dictionary (-ies) directly editable.

        EDIT: I just finished filing an issue for an enhancement for the spellchecker. In doing so I looked up the new features of OOo 3 and the history of MySpell and the Hunspell spin-off that will be in the new release. I already mentioned Firefox and Thunderbird also had a user dictionary that couldn’t be edited. That is MySpell which according to the issues was supposed to have an editable custom dictionary. Hunspell is based on MySpell and apparently still has not addressed this issue. Although the spellchecker I have installed is Ispell. I am going crazy. I am posting a message at SourceForge. Great. Another forum I have to join just to ask one question.


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