Suggestionlist in UTF8

  • Anonymous - 2008-01-10

    Hi all,

    I've just tried the Delphi-example with a German dictionary and it seems to have problems providing suggestions that include non-ascii characters.

    To reproduce this behaviour;
    -Download a dictionary and replace the US-version.
    -Build the Delphi-example (Project1)
    -Hit "Load" to load the dictionary and enter the word "zurück" into the upper textbox. Next press "check".
    -You'll notice that the list of suggestions stays empty.
    (This happens to all words with accents, like "später")

    I've downloaded the example today again and retested this. It seems that the DLL doesn't support exotic characters in the suggestionlist. (It *does* correctly support the spellchecking of these words!) The words are also put in a spelling-suggestionlist, but contains non-printable characters on the place where the exotic characters should have been :(

    A suggestion for the word "säter" is "sp_ter", where there's a non-printable character on the position of the underscore.

    Is this a known bug, or some error on my part? Any known workarounds for this? Will the Delphi-DLL be updated?

    • Németh László

      It seems, your input is in UTF-8, but output is in latin-1 (or ISO 8859-1).
      I believe, Delphi code has no full UTF-8 support, so we need a character conversion patch.
      Unfortunately, I don't use Delphi, so you need to ask help from the original author.

      • Anonymous - 2008-01-16

        Thanks for the reply.

    • Miha Vrhovnik

      Miha Vrhovnik - 2008-02-04

      You must have both dictionary and strings you are passing to dll in UTF-8.


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