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Hunspell for .NET = NHunspell

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2009-02-22

    Hello László , hello everybody.

    I've started a .NET Version of Hunspell based on the original c++ / c code files. It is in fact an encapsulation of Hunspell and Hyphen into managed C++ classes (Proxy Pattern). This works nicely for the x86 and the x64 plattforms. Hunspell support is quite complete, Hyphen support will be basic for the first version, because i don't understand the functions completely. Maybe somebody likes to help me in this case.

    The Project is hostet on Sourceforge:

    Could NHunspell be referred as a .NET Version of Hunspell on the Hunspell homepage?

    Regards Tom

    • Németh László

      Hello Tom,

      I'm glad of your development, and you can use the NHunspell name  without any problems. I'm the author of the hyphenate2 and hyphenate3 functions of the Hyphen library, so you can ask me. Thanks for the link, I have addde to the Hunspell home page.

      Best regards,