U02C8 skipped by hunspell in spellcheck, help

  • Sinamawebmaster

    Sinamawebmaster - 2010-01-05

    I'm writing a mozilla add-on for a spell check of a minority language. I have my wordlist ready. Everything works, except one character that is a regular letter in Sinama (sml) language of the Philippines is not spell checked by Hunspell. Therefore when I type hˈllaku, the utf-8 character U02C8 is not checked and instead h is checked and llaku is checked. llaku then suggests the correct word in spell checker, but the problem repeats itself since the word was actually repeated.

    I fear that I will have to create a locale for the sinama language, but I don't have the technical know how and there is little published work verifying the orthography that the linguists are currently using. Is there any quick fix that can be added to the .aff file. I tried putting U02C8 in the WORDCHARS title, but it didn't change the problem :-(

  • Németh László


    Word breaking algorithm of Mozilla Firefox doesn't handle the hˈllaku characters correctly. Handling dash/hyphen (a word character in most of the European languages) has also similar problem in Firefox. See and comment  (and vote) here: . There is a new proposed patch for the hyphen problem, it would be fine to extend with the hˈllaku, too.

    By the way, the hyphen is a word character now in OpenOffice.org, also
    for the English language. It would be fine to check and add hˈllaku, too, see

    Best regards,

      : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=355178
      : http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=64400

  • Sinamawebmaster

    Sinamawebmaster - 2010-01-06

    Hey, I appreciate the response.  I actually finally saw success with the plugin.  I don't understand what the difference was between my previous attempts and this one.  I put the character in wordchars in the affix file, then installed it and it worked.  My thought is that it worked with the upgrade in both my thunderbird and firefox that I did recently.  I need to get on a computer with the old firefox and test it.  Anyways, I thank you for the reply. I'm just happy it started working now.


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