Graham Harris - 2010-08-16

In my application it would be really nice to have hunspell and open office share the same dictionary. It doesn't seem unreasonable since apparently open office uses hunspell for spell checking…

However, open office user dictionaries are in a different format from hunspell user dictionaries. Hunspell (linux at least) appears to separate words by just a linefeed character; whereas open office starts dictionaries with a nonsense string (probably a length indicator) and seperates words by one of the non-printable characters followed by a nul.

Hunspell will open an openoffice dictionary using the parameter "-p ~/" but doesn't recognise the words in it, and new words are appended in hunspell format and not then recognised by openoffice.

Is there any way to convince hunspell to read/write OpenOffice format user dictionaries, or vice versa?