Improved API

  • JanusD

    JanusD - 2008-12-31

    When I create a Hunspell object by a statement like this:
    Hunspell * hs = new Hunspell(aff, dic); 
    I am unable to determine if the dictionaries specified by aff and dic have been successfully loaded. I did not found any public member function which could tell this to me.

    I would like to suggest to extend the interface of the Hunspell objects in the following way:

    class AffixMgr {
      inline bool has_data(void) const
        return trystring!=NULL;
    class HashMgr {
      inline bool has_table(void) const
        return tableptr!=NULL;

    class Hunspell {
      inline bool dict_loaded(void) const
        return pHMgr[0] && pHMgr[0]->has_table() && pAMgr &$ pAMgr->has_data();


  • hugh dixon

    hugh dixon - 2013-02-18

    I am also having trouble with not being able to identify errors at run time, and would greatly appreciate some method either for identifying errors, or to be able to check the state of the checker.
    Thanks too,