#108 $ $ problem in LaTeX: stops spell checking?


Hi Laci,

I have a problem report by one of my WinShell users which I can reproduce and I think it is somehow a hunspell bug.
When you type

hej "dollar" "space" "dollar" "space" hej

it should look like this

hej $ $ hej

...the last space after the last dollar is important..

The spelling stops in LaTeX mode. When you type 'hej $test$ hej' it works and 'hej' is marked as wrong.
Could you check with one of your test apps?

This only happens while typing! When I save the file and reopen, then the spell checking works.

Thanks Ingo


  • Németh László

    • assigned_to: nobody --> nemethl
  • Németh László

    Hi Ingo, Could you dump the pipe communication for debugging? I cannot find any problem in TeX pipe mode for various (for example, one character/line) input.


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