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Humboldt Viewer 2.0 released!

This 2.0 version (not to be taken as a 2.0 app in the infamous way) is a giant step in the evolution of Humboldt Viewer, coming up with a bunch of new useful feature, thanks to the effort of Angel Monterde, Main Developer of the project.

Posted by Juan Martin 2010-10-26

SVN Repository enabled

SVN Repository for Humboldt WMS Viewer has been enabled and code has been uploaded (although code was available on the downloable package) so don't hesitase to contribute to this constantly growing project!

Posted by Juan Martin 2007-09-25

Humboldt GeoPISTA Viewer-0.1 Released!

Finally after a little big effort, Humboldt GeoPISTA Viewer-0.1 has been released!

Humboldt GeoPISTA Viewer, is new project branch from Humboldt WMS Viewer, specially adapted to display geospatial data and cartography from GeoPISTA Servers. So streetmap/Urban Guide publishing is made easy for municipalites using GeoPISTA as Geospatial/Cartography Server.

- Lightweight AJAX Web Client.
- Geocoded Search.
- POI display.
- Easy customization.
- Pull-down menus for layer selection.
- IDEE from Spanish Geographic Institute layers available for Display.... read more

Posted by Juan Martin 2007-06-12

Humboldt GeoPISTA Viewer-0.1 liberado!

Finalmente y gracias a un gran esfuerzo, ¡ha sido liberada la versión 0.1 de Humboldt GeoPISTA Viewer!
¡Esto solo acaba de empezar!

Humboldt GeoPISTA Viewer, es una versión de Humboldt WMS Viewer para visualizar la cartografia y datos geoespaciales alojados en servidores GeoPISTA, ofreciendo una forma sencilla de crear un callejero/Guia Urbana para los municipios usuarios de GeoPISTA.

- Cliente ligero web programado en AJAX.
- Geocodificación.
- Busqueda de Calles+Numero.
- Visualización de Puntos de Interés.
- Fácil adaptación a la imagen corporativa del municipio.
- Menús desplegables con selección de capas visualizadas.
- Visualización de capas de la IDEE (Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales Española) del IGN (Instituto Geografico Nacional).

Posted by Juan Martin 2007-06-12

help wanted + Source Code released soon

Humboldt WMS Viewer Source Code will be released soon, as well as first distributable bin version.

After some hard work in joint with new developer Angel Monterde and our GIS Consultant Pablo Gallardo, finally Humboldt WMS Viewer looks like something really wonderful.

Stay tuned and join us!

Posted by Juan Martin 2007-06-11

Project starts at

Yep! today is official (so I could post this here...) Humboldt WMS Viewer have been approved by, Thanks a lot to everybody at SF!!!

Posted by Juan Martin 2006-07-17