Windows Setup Log

Commit Date  
[7f3914] (defaulttip) by

Merged Italian Translation

2010-10-20 09:57:23 Tree
[8c93ee] by Matthew Petroff

Added CMake support and development version warning

2010-10-17 14:45:50 Tree
[81bc09] by Matthew Petroff

Enabled installer icons
Added association of .pto files with Hugin
Added creation of shortcuts for Enblend/Enfuse droplets

2010-10-16 23:43:09 Tree
[1bca6f] by Matthew Petroff

added uninstaller icon

2010-10-16 23:39:24 Tree
[436e3c] by thePanz

Removed Autopano-sift-C options --projection %f,%v (suggested by Aron H)

2010-10-01 16:46:41 Tree
[662a9a] by thePanz

+ Refactored Control Points generators scripts (names and languages string)
+ Control Point Generators are now stored into their own directory $INSTALLDIR$/CPG/
+ Added Autopano-SIFT-C multirow/stacked from Lemur build (autopano.exe and generatekeys.exe)
+ Added Clean registry settings during install (thanks Matthew Petroff)

2010-09-28 08:43:00 Tree
[1514ca] by thePanz

Added tag release-0.2.11 for changeset 657511898af4

2010-09-25 17:25:01 Tree
[657511] (release-0.2.11) by thePanz

+ Refactored install Functions
+ Added Panomatic SourceForge mirror select (thanks Matthew Petroff)
+ Fixed CPGs settings for default to latest installed CPG (thanks Matthew Petroff)

2010-09-25 17:24:05 Tree
[88a754] by thePanz

Added tag release-0.2.10 for changeset 3962cd65fd07

2010-09-21 14:25:28 Tree
[3962cd] (release-0.2.10) by thePanz

Version bump (0.2.10)

2010-09-21 14:25:03 Tree
[de32f5] by thePanz

Fixed Autopano-SIFT-C 2.5.2 download and setup

2010-09-21 14:23:29 Tree
[34cb2a] by thePanz

Changelog updated

2010-09-18 17:15:52 Tree
[01650a] by thePanz

Fixed ControlPoint settings bug (Autopano 103 and Match-n-shift)

2010-09-18 17:13:02 Tree
[228d28] by thePanz

Added HuginSetup.nsi with CMake settings directives (needs works)
Updated 32/64bit installers for 2010.2.0-beta2 build (thanks to Aron Helser - )
Setted Publisher to "The Hugin Development Team"

2010-09-15 16:35:52 Tree
[553dd7] by thePanz

Added Installer Icon (thanks to Matthew Petroff)

2010-09-14 16:37:15 Tree
[a3df70] by thePanz

Added italian translation to ControlPointDisclaimer

2010-09-14 16:13:00 Tree
[60f615] by thePanz

Using Match-n-shift version 2008-02-19 (from Dropbox)
Added Stacked/Multirow settings (tests needed)

2010-09-08 13:10:11 Tree
[44ff8b] by thePanz

Added tag release-0.2.6 for changeset 64de928dc987

2010-09-08 11:57:03 Tree
[64de92] (release-0.2.6) by thePanz

Folder cleanups

2010-09-08 11:53:54 Tree
[3db6c8] by thePanz

Contro Points moved

2010-09-08 11:52:58 Tree
[9099ca] by thePanz

Code cleanups

2010-09-08 11:20:19 Tree
[924e19] by thePanz

Control Points generator pluggable
Added align_image_stack CP
Code cleanup
Splitted 32/64bit installers

2010-09-08 11:12:39 Tree
[816351] by thePanz

Changelog added

2010-09-04 16:14:18 Tree
[3ce165] by thePanz

Added CP settings to registry
Added Autopano-Sift-C and Match-n-shift CP generators

2010-09-04 16:00:36 Tree
[f57722] by

First HG import (version 0.1.28)

2010-09-04 12:54:41 Tree