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[763b7d] (release-0.2.2) by brunopostle brunopostle

Tagging panoglview-0.2.2 release

2008-07-23 21:12:31 Tree
[800bc1] (release-0.2.2) by brunopostle brunopostle

Allow specification of partial panoramas in project files (J?rgen Diez)
Fix for cut-off textures bug (J?rgen Diez)

2008-07-17 20:58:42 Tree
[c4131a] by dangelo dangelo

fixed crash on startup when using wxWidgets 2.8

2008-05-06 00:55:27 Tree
[26df25] by brunopostle brunopostle

make bootstrap and configure work with recent versions of autoconf, automake and wxwidgets

2007-07-20 22:57:30 Tree
[e4cec3] by dangelo dangelo

commented out all cout debug statements

2006-09-13 06:48:42 Tree
[7495aa] by dangelo dangelo

applied patch by A. Pratt
- toggle inertia on and off with "," key
- compileable on MSVC 6
- inertial now also works properly when moving
with the cursor keys

2006-09-13 06:46:55 Tree
[1b53f6] by dangelo dangelo

first attempt at support for smooth acceleration/deceleration.
some more tweaking of the formulas is required.
support for cursor keys not perfect yet

2006-09-07 06:49:19 Tree
[9eb786] by dangelo dangelo

bump up version number

2006-09-04 17:29:19 Tree
[0da8c7] by dangelo dangelo

Applied patch
by Allan Pratt
with minor changes:
Use _cpp_min instead of defining STD_MIN on MSVC 6 (not tested)
Decreased scroll and zoom speed

2006-09-04 17:28:48 Tree
[c296d8] by dangelo dangelo

release 0.2.1

2006-08-30 16:21:35 Tree
[51aef6] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Clean up build system

2005-05-25 11:19:07 Tree
[ed75ed] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Update build system. Update .cvsignore

2005-05-25 07:48:26 Tree
[bba453] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Initial unicode support

2005-05-25 07:46:26 Tree
[472ac8] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Add bootstrap. Update .cvsignore

2005-05-25 05:44:09 Tree
[2e8e52] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Use CXXFLAGS correctly

2005-05-25 05:39:23 Tree
[949a32] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Build autoconfig files in subdir. Use default wxconfig. Ensure maintainer-clean target works

2005-05-25 05:37:04 Tree
[6b9e09] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Add .cvsignore files

2005-05-25 04:58:07 Tree
[bc3866] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Remove autogenerated files. Add newlines to end of files

2005-05-25 04:35:59 Tree
[58d550] by brunopostle brunopostle

now uses standard wx-config (same as hugin)

2005-05-20 09:24:05 Tree
[b89568] by brunopostle brunopostle

Fixed bug where both + and - key zoomed out (Marek Januszewski)

2004-06-30 15:58:53 Tree
[fe8233] by brunopostle brunopostle

Initial revision

2003-12-21 12:25:27 Tree
[123fba] by brunopostle brunopostle

Initial revision

2003-07-12 10:40:48 Tree
[893e5f] by brunopostle brunopostle

Initial revision

2003-07-02 07:49:27 Tree
[1e15dd] by brunopostle brunopostle

Initial revision

2003-06-28 17:28:55 Tree
[063bf8] by brunopostle brunopostle

Initial revision

2003-06-28 17:06:12 Tree
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