Hugin-2009.2.0_beta4 released

Panorama stitching and more. A powerful software package for creation and processing of panoramic images.

A hugin-2009.2.0_beta4 (beta release 4) tarball is available here:


This is a beta release, i.e. it may not work for you. The current Hugin 2009.2 release codeline is reported to work on Linux, Windows and OS X, however some experimental functionalities may not work and the final release is likely to have further bugfixes and minor feature enhancements.


In particular, most translations haven't been updated since 0.8.0, so this release isn't fully internationalised yet. There are less than 30 new strings to translate so it isn't a big job this time. Start at


With the new release process it is possible for the final version to be released without updated translations. Updated translations that don't make the cut will be used in future releases.


* Bug Fixes

- [2166837] nona: Only probe relevant images active
when stiching more than one image (Gerry Patterson)
- [2837155] align_image_stack will now bailout if there is
an error during optimization process (Gerry Patterson)
- [2292877] abort if the temporary project file
can not be created. (Gerry Patterson)

* Clean Up

- Streamlined libpano support: Hugin now requires libpano13 and
no longer supports libpano12 (Yuv)
- Licenses (Zoran Mesec, Pablo d'Angelo)
- translations (Bruno Postle)
- removed unnecessary files (Bruno Postle, Pablo d'Angelo, Yuv)

* Platforms

- Control Points Detector selection for OSX is now the same as for
Linux and Windows (Thomas Modes, Harry van der Wolf)
- Improved support for FreeBSD (Vasil Dimov, Yuv)

* Build System

- More robust build system (Kornel Benko, Andreas Metzler)
- improved OSX build (Harry van der Wolf)
- improved support for systems without log2 (Yuv)

* Updated Translations:

- Traditional Chinese (Rick Langford)
- Italian (Cristian Marchi)


* GPU accelerated stitching. Highly experimental. Activate from Files -> Preferences -> Stitching. Depends on a combination of hardware, driver, input images and other factors. Details will be posted in the Hugin FAQ <>

* Improved Preferences panel (Control Point Detectors), with user friendly presets for the most popular choices.

* Improved control of stitching process (Stitcher tab). Hugin now features an additional Exposure fusion -> Blended and fused panorama output option, useful when it is not possible to keep exposure and white balance constant between shots. Tutorial at <>

* Fast Preview shows control points connected with lines - the longest the line the worse the quality (except for vertical and horizontal control lines).

* Streamlined support for libpano. Libpano13 is now required. Discontinued support for legacy libpano12.

* Improved build system.

* Lots of bugfixes, lots of new bugs.

See README, ChangeLog and INSTALL_cmake for more information.

This release is tagged in the subversion repository as /hugin/releases/tag/2009.2.0_beta4 at revision 4414.

SHA1SUM:ab945ea421f651349a3247dfbe10c81c2d78dcfa hugin-2009.2.0_beta4.tar.gz

Recent Hugin binary installers for testing are provided by the users communities and can be found here:


Posted by yuv 2009-09-14

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