hugin: 0.8.0_rc4 release candidate

A hugin-0.8.0_rc4 (release candidate 4) tarball is available here:

This is a release candidate, i.e. The final release may be identical.

Changes since 0.8.0 rc3:

* Minor Hungarian translation update.

* Fixes for Ev value bug that manifests as 'white' images.

* Fix for Fast Preview Crop button crash.

* Fix for crash opening projects without images or control points.

* Some unused files removed.

* LAPACK is disabled by default. If you want to experiment then
enable it by running cmake with -DENABLE_LAPACK=YES

See README, ChangeLog and INSTALL_cmake for more information.

SHA1SUM: 129a515300947be54b5b02f5c3b693647294961a hugin-0.8.0_rc4.tar.gz

This release is equivalent to svn 3945, links to recent hugin binary
installers for testing can be found here:

Posted by Bruno Postle 2009-06-17

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