hugin: 0.8.0_rc2 release candidate

A hugin-0.8.0_rc2 (release candidate 2) tarball is available here:

This is a release candidate, i.e. The final release may be identical.

Lots of changes since 0.8.0 rc1:

* New Chinese Traditional translation, updated Italian and Dutch
translations. Missing languages added to preferences.

* The Image Cache size preference setting was previously broken.

* Fixed crash with wide character languages such as Chinese.

* Fast Preview is now shown after Align... Fast Preview window
crash fixed. Difference mode is disabled on some systems.

* Number of points is now shown in the Control Points tab drop-down

* jhead code removed, exiv2 is now required. Tools that failed to
read TIFF EXIF data should now be fixed.

* hugin will use system lapack if available. Note that this is
experimental, you may find that optimisation is slower than before
and may even fail.

* Various OS X bugfixes

* Linux hugin_stitch_project .desktop file removed as this is
superceded by the Hugin Batch processor.

* Missing license headers added, various man-page updates.

See README, ChangeLog and INSTALL_cmake for more information.

SHA1SUM: 5a535722d878761ddc75c9abba19917d877e0ac6 hugin-0.8.0_rc2.tar.gz

This release is equivalent to svn 3901, links to recent hugin binary
installers for testing can be found here:

Posted by Bruno Postle 2009-06-01

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