hugin 0.6.1 released

hugin 0.6.1 is mainly a bugfix release, especially for Intel OS X users. New features include support for displaying HDR images in control point editor and panorama preview.

Download hugin from:

Currently, source code and windows binaries are available. Mac OS X binaries
should be available on Monday.

Newsworthy changes in 0.6.1
* fixed Autopano-SIFT integration on Unix and OSX (it was broken in 0.6).
* Support for displaying HDR images within hugin, using log or gamma mapping
* .hdr file support (tif HDR image files have been always useable)
* reduced memory usage, better image caching strategy.
* fixed crashes and hangs when using the preview auto update and avoid
unnessecary remapping of images.
* vignetting correction estimation speed up.
* nona and nona_gui can be used to do template stitching, by specifying
images on the command line (or dnd shortcut under windows)
* distribute fulla.exe with windows package (it was accidentally
not included in the 0.6 package)
* universal build for Intel Macs, fixed hang after enblend or autopano-sift
* projection can be changed in preview.
* removed all references to malicious website
* various smaller bugfixes

Pablo d'Angelo

Posted by Pablo d'Angelo 2006-08-20

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