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libpanorama Log

Commit Date  
[d14593] (defaulttip) by dmg dmg

ignore k-lines for the time being, we need more documentation

2011-02-03 05:15:32 Tree
[7cc5b7] by dmg dmg

added test cases

2011-02-03 05:01:13 Tree
[fc49e1] by dmg dmg

update makefiles and .hgignore to reflect change of exectuable name

2011-02-03 04:52:24 Tree
[db6c48] by dmg dmg

it looks better with lowercase

2011-02-03 04:47:39 Tree
[9078ea] by dmg dmg

updated cmake files, renamed testparser to PTO2txt

2011-02-03 04:29:25 Tree
[1bbe0d] by dmg dmg

updated cmake with renamed filenames

2011-02-03 04:23:48 Tree
[81df4c] by dmg dmg

moved the parser to higher in the directory structure

2011-02-03 04:21:22 Tree
[231877] by dmg dmg

Renamed veriables to <prefix>Ref instead of <prefix>Index

2011-02-03 04:19:45 Tree
[8e9ac4] by dmg dmg

cleaned up code---suggestion by T.Modes

2011-02-03 04:18:58 Tree
[a51bb4] by dmg dmg

print error message when file not found

2011-02-03 04:18:35 Tree
[f81810] by dmg dmg

Grrrr. I hate mercurial patch

2011-02-03 04:17:40 Tree
[b262a7] by dmg dmg

moved .hgignore to this directory

2011-02-03 04:04:51 Tree
[ed3b2b] by dmg dmg

Committed the changes I forgot

2011-02-03 04:01:11 Tree
[75cbe7] by dmg dmg

renamed panoScanner from extension.y to extension.l, the correct one

2011-02-03 04:00:56 Tree
[a6bb88] by dmg dmg

Added generated files, will make life easier for those who do not want to generate them

2011-02-02 08:15:16 Tree
[1d3d60] by dmg dmg

Added .hgignore file

2011-02-02 08:13:45 Tree
[5fb7a7] by dmg dmg

Finish a working parser. Still incomplete, but at least it does something

2011-02-03 03:42:05 Tree
[c2ab6c] by dmg dmg

renamed files

2011-02-03 03:35:58 Tree
[7c5f0a] by dmg dmg

Updated the parser to support setting defaults

2008-08-26 05:44:10 Tree
[e68e4f] by dmg dmg

2008-08-10 dmg <>

* CMakeLists.txt: Changed name of library to tparser, added
tparser.h as a file to instal

2008-08-11 05:35:57 Tree
[a42ec9] by dmg dmg

008-08-10 dmg <>

* scanner.l, parser.y: Finally! properly handle end-of-input.

* CMakeLists.txt: Added GCC declaration for GCC compilation of
lround. It might not work on other compilers. This needs ot be fixed.

* tparser.h: Added declarations to remove warning

2008-08-11 05:22:51 Tree
[aea80e] by shahid_du shahid_du

Fixed interpolation and spot problem along with some modification.

2007-07-11 07:06:00 Tree
[d4f17a] by shahid_du shahid_du

Added missing files maskgen.c and maskgen.h.

2007-07-08 18:03:45 Tree
[4fc26a] by shahid_du shahid_du

Added input image mask generation and checking.

2007-07-08 10:24:10 Tree
[6986bf] by shahid_du shahid_du

Fixed the interpolation method to work with expanded image by im_embed.

2007-07-05 11:30:47 Tree
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