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2007-06-06  dmg  <dmg@uvic.ca>

	* Added support for reading control points.

2007-05-13  dmg  <dmg@uvic.ca>

	* scanner.l, parser.y: Changed PT_TOKEN_FLOAT to
	PT_TOKEN_NUMBER. Removed PT_TOKEN_INT. Now all numbers are float,
	but down-converted to int if necessary (using lroundf). Created a
	new token for cropping (PT_TOKEN_CROPPING). It simplifies error messages.

2007-05-03  dmg  <dmg@uvic.ca>

	* parser.y (PT_TOKEN_STRING): Fixed spelling mistake in huberEstimator

	* tparser.c (panoScriptParse): Fixed spelling mistake in name of parameter

2007-04-18  dmg  <dmg@uvic.ca>

	* tparser.c, tparser.h: Renamed some functions to the tlalli naming
	standards.  Added functions to parse projection parameters. Added
	functions to de-reference variables. Added a function to dump the
	content of the script variable. Fixed some bugs. 

	* tparserprivate.h: Added this file to keep any declarations that
	are only required to by parser.

	* parser.y: Clear newly allocated memory for image specs

	* testparser.c: Added logic to dereference variables. Moved
	dumping of variables to a function in tparser.c

2007-04-11  pablo  <pablo.dangelo@web.de>

	* CMakeLists.txt, CMakeModules/FindBISON.cmake,
	CMakeModules/FindFLEX.cmake, src/CMakeLists.txt,
	src/parser/CMakeLists.txt: CMake based build system

	* src/parser/tparser.c, src/parser/testparser.c: Moved main into a
	separate file, build library and test program. Added panoPrintError()
2007-04-10  dmg  <dmg@uvic.ca>

	* scanner.y, parser.l, tparser.h, tparser.c, README.txt, COPYING,
	Makefile.am, ChangeLog, AUTHORS: First commit. Iimplement a simple
	bison/yacc parser for the panotools/hugin scripts.

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