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2008-06-10 08:44:44 Tree
[3d61db] by dangelo dangelo

fixed [ 1934989 ] Hugin crashes on exit

2008-06-10 07:11:55 Tree
[39e419] by brunopostle brunopostle

Disable --refine autopano option since this uses the SIFT algorithm

2008-06-09 21:30:53 Tree
[e05a48] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Update MSVC flag modifications

2008-06-07 05:37:05 Tree
[55475a] by dangelo dangelo

updated Czech translation (Vatoz)

2008-06-06 17:46:28 Tree
[c59153] by dangelo dangelo

removed links to site from some translations. (btw. has finally disappeared)

2008-06-03 20:07:34 Tree
[41c77a] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] adapt for Leopard, optimize

2008-05-31 19:59:09 Tree
[165561] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] create debug script for wxmac28

2008-05-28 13:25:29 Tree
[078e81] by dangelo dangelo

Only require wxSystemOptions on OSX (perserves wx 2.6 compatibility on windows and unix)

2008-05-28 05:03:50 Tree
[316e4b] by dangelo dangelo

Added include for wxSystemOptions (OSX only)

2008-05-28 05:01:55 Tree
[d43b26] by gkohlmeyer gkohlmeyer

Fix of #elsif statement to #elif statement

2008-05-27 20:56:58 Tree
[7b2787] by dangelo dangelo

avoid warnings when red, green and blue channel files do not exist

2008-05-27 19:52:00 Tree
[6e732e] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Reverse change of 3089

2008-05-27 19:30:57 Tree
[fcc2cb] by dangelo dangelo

do not use native ListCtrl on OSX. Might fix the extreme slowness of the control points list window on OSX

2008-05-27 18:54:52 Tree
[3a0d28] by dangelo dangelo

do not require wxWidgets 2.8

2008-05-27 15:43:09 Tree
[ffad90] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] change osx build script for libjpeg

2008-05-27 13:42:57 Tree
[dc3297] by dangelo dangelo

Use numbers as placeholders for optimize string (should work better with proportional fonts)

2008-05-26 20:01:37 Tree
[b077c2] by dangelo dangelo

try to make optimizer progress display wider

2008-05-26 19:54:15 Tree
[80fa59] by dangelo dangelo

Only optimize yaw of reference image if both vertical and horizontal control points are available (rectilinear output).

2008-05-26 19:35:17 Tree
[d377d4] by pooh22 pooh22

fixed a few cases of over-enthusiastic ? uses

2008-05-25 18:08:37 Tree
[468ef8] by dangelo dangelo

use a wxProgressDialog::Pulse to update the optimisation progress display. Requires wxWidgets 2.8

2008-05-25 17:10:54 Tree
[b25c84] by dangelo dangelo

fixed [ 1965551 ] One vertical CP pair releases too many anchor constraints

2008-05-25 16:03:57 Tree
[9a7ecc] by dangelo dangelo

update HFOV and VFOV from sliders only when they are released

2008-05-23 13:46:54 Tree
[8d909c] by dangelo dangelo

ensure that VFOV stays in valid range, should fix
[ 1909851 ] Error after use of slider in preview window

2008-05-23 13:44:48 Tree
[2c3d8c] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX]another minor change to a mac script

2008-05-23 08:06:51 Tree
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