Diff of /src/hugin1/hugin/PreviewIdentifyTool.h [144a48] .. [f7b49d]  Maximize  Restore

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--- a/src/hugin1/hugin/PreviewIdentifyTool.h
+++ b/src/hugin1/hugin/PreviewIdentifyTool.h
@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@
     void StopShowingImages();
     /// Show control point editor if mouse is over two images.
     void MouseButtonEvent(wxMouseEvent & e);
+    void MouseMoveEvent(double x, double y, wxMouseEvent & e);
     /// Generate a colour given how many colours we need and an index.
     void HighlightColour(unsigned int index, unsigned int count,
@@ -72,6 +74,11 @@
     /// The image the user last placed their mouse over the button for
     unsigned int mouse_over_image;
     bool mouse_is_over_button;
+    bool stopUpdating;
+    //user has clicked and is holding left button while over panorama
+    bool holdLeft;

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