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-Main author:
-   Pablo d'Angelo <pablo.dangelo@web.de>
-additional authors are listed at http://hugin.sourceforge.net/community/authors.shtml
+Pablo d'Angelo	Original Author, GSoC 2007 and 2008 mentor, German translation, original CMake build, original Windows SDK
+Gyรถrgy Ballรณ	original Hungarian translation
+Herbert Bay	GSoC 2007 mentor
+Kai-Uwe Behrmann	gui, panoviewer adds, original German translation
+Albert Capellades Badia	original Catalan translation
+Kornel Benko	maintenance CMake build
+Jakub Bogusz	Polish translation
+Milo Casagrande	Italian translation
+Marco Cucinato	Italian translation
+Vaclav Cerny	Czech translation
+Jean-Luc Coulon	original French translation
+Serhij Dubyk	initial Ukrainian translation
+Terry Duell	updated tutorials, Fedora tester and packager
+Lu Fang	initial Chinese Simplified translation
+Jorge Gonzรกlez Gonzรกlez	original Spanish translation
+Ed Halley	gui, documentation
+Juha Helminen	Code
+Ad Huikeshoven	automated Windows snapshot builds
+Iouri Ivliev	bug fixes
+Marek Januszewski	Code, initial Polish translation
+Jing Jin	GSoC 2007 deghosting
+Lukรกลก Jirkovskรฝ	GSoC 2009 deghosting in enfuse
+Allard Katan	Windows installer
+Marco Kuder	GSoC 2008 batch processor
+Guido Kohlmeyer	German translation, Windows SDK, bug fixes
+Erik Krause	Enfuse and enblend droplets for Windows
+Alexandre Jenny	SpaceTransform class, GSoC 2008 mentoring
+Hรถss Lajos	Hungarian translation
+Rick Langford	Traditional Chinese original translation and updates
+Homin Lee	initial Korean translation
+James Legg	GSoC 2008 OpenGL fast preview GSoC 2009 new layout
+Yuval Levy	Community Builder, GSoC admin 2007 and 2009, GSoC mentor 2007 and 2008, Windows build, original Windows installer, bugfixes, fixes Italian translation
+Cristian Marchi	Italian translation and 2010 artwork
+Zoran Mesec	GSoC 2007 feature detector, GSoC 2008 mentor, initial Slovenian translation
+Andreas Metzler	Debian packaging
+Andrew Mihal	original author of enblend, enfuse, nona-gpu. GSoC 2009 mentor
+Thomas Modes	code and bugfixes
+John Navas	MSI installer
+Tim Nugent	GSoC 2008 Celeste, GSoC 2009 Lens Calibration
+Simon Oosthoek	Dutch translation
+Eduardo Pรฉrez Esteban	Spanish translation
+Gerry Patterson	Code
+Bruno Postle	initial packaging, website, documentation, initial British English translation, GSoC 2009 mentor
+Alexandre Prokoudine	Initial Russian translation, GSoC 2008 admin
+Jozef Riha	original Slovak translation
+Marijn Ros	bug reports and patches
+Joachim Schneider	German translation
+Tom Sharpless	Windows build, GSoC 2009 mentor, code
+Jiri Slaby	original Czech translation
+Ryan Sleevi	Windows 64-bit patches and SDK
+Ademar de Souza Reis Jr.	original Brazilian translation
+Michaล‚ Smoczyk	Polish translation
+Svetoslav Stefanov	Bulgarian initial translation
+Brent Townshend	code and bug fixes
+Lorenz Trischberger	German translation
+Ippei Ukai	MacOSX port, initial Japanese translation, GSoC 2007 code refactoring
+Harry van der Wolf	original Dutch translation, OSX build
+Luca Vascon	splash screen, icons, original Italian translation
+Fabian Wetzel	Panoglview
+Ulf Wilhelmson	original Swedish translation
+Douglas Wilkins	packaging, translation, bugfixes
+Ziv Yaniv	RanSaC code

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