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=head1 NAME

PTBatcherGUI - Hugin batch processor


B<PTBatcherGUI> [options] [<project1 <output prefix>> <project2 <output prefix>> <project3...]


A GUI Batch Processor for managing the stitching of a queue of hugin .pto projects.

=head1 OPTIONS


=item B<-h|--help>

Show usage message

=item B<-b|--batch>

Run batch immediately

=item B<-p|--parallel>

Run batch projects in parallel

=item B<-o|--overwrite>

Overwrite previous files without asking

=item B<-s|--shutdown>

Shutdown computer after batch is complete

=item B<-v|--verbose>

Show verbose output when processing projects

=item B<-a|--assistant>

Run the assistant on the given projects


=head1 AUTHORS

Written by Pablo d'Angelo, Marko Kuder, Thomas Modes and others.