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Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[edceb4] by Matthew Petroff


2011-05-31 17:20:16 Tree
[60b501] by Matthew Petroff

Added CMake directives to install smartblend wrapper on Windows.

2011-05-31 17:16:24 Tree
[35a430] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Minor improvements to .hgignore

2011-05-31 17:19:06 Tree
[a8a643] by Matthew Petroff

Added shortcuts on Windows for Batch Processor and Calibrate Lens GUI.

2011-05-31 17:07:25 Tree
[20ca0c] by tmodes

Fixes incorrect drawn mask overlay

2011-05-31 16:58:14 Tree
[e8b813] by tmodes

Fixes slow display of images in mask panel if working remote

2011-05-31 15:39:39 Tree
[cb982d] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Russian translation update (Alexandre Prokoudine)

2011-05-30 22:38:48 Tree
[be1c59] by tmodes

Added stack detection to automatic pano finder in PTBatcherGUI

2011-05-30 17:20:34 Tree
[4a0af7] by tmodes

Some more typo fixed

2011-05-30 17:11:45 Tree
[13dd69] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

2011.0.0 release notes

2011-05-29 19:58:53 Tree
[696461] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

Added tag 2011.0.0 for changeset 67a96ebdac74

2011-05-29 18:57:41 Tree
[bf40d9] by Kornel Benko Kornel Benko

Use debian scripts to get package dependences
Unfortunatelly extremly slow for hugin.

2011-05-29 17:39:41 Tree
[06addb] by mcri

Updated Italian translation

2011-05-28 09:59:49 Tree
[5c3f97] by tmodes

Fixes typos

2011-05-28 07:44:18 Tree
[32055f] by tmodes

Allow skipping of optimisation of whole panorama for cpclean
This will use the current values of the image positions/image variables

2011-05-27 18:29:40 Tree
[2f6425] by tmodes


2011-05-27 18:01:08 Tree
[8f71e9] by tmodes

Extended checkpto based on parts.cpp from Jim Watters

2011-05-27 17:59:23 Tree
[277c91] by Yuv Mobile Yuv Mobile

2011.0.0_rc2 release notes

2011-05-27 00:01:54 Tree
[cf32c5] by Yuv Mobile Yuv Mobile

* unified Changelog style (the same command was yielding different results under Lucid and Natty)
* updated Changelog

2011-05-27 00:01:32 Tree
[0f9fda] by Yuv Mobile Yuv Mobile

Added tag 2011.0.0_rc2 for changeset 67a96ebdac74

2011-05-26 11:44:37 Tree
[67a96e] (2011.0.02011.0.0_rc2) by Yuv Mobile Yuv Mobile

Updated ChangeLog

2011-05-26 11:16:36 Tree
[7f5739] by Bart van Andel

Fix smartblend-hugin.bat to remove '--' argument separator

2011-05-24 11:27:26 Tree
[f00957] by tmodes

Updated doxygen documentation after the latest changes

2011-05-24 19:57:34 Tree
[83c965] by Kornel Benko

Missed this one while adapting to debian multi architecture. Spotted by Andreas Metzler

2011-05-24 18:17:02 Tree
[d56cc6] by Yuv Mobile Yuv Mobile

added credits for FreeBSD port

2011-05-24 12:34:30 Tree
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